Plettenberg says Klopp pushing for Liverpool transfer target

Florian Plettenberg has confirmed that Liverpool are “very optimistic” when it comes to their chances of capturing the signing of Jude Bellingham in the summer of 2023.

The Sky Germany reporter shared the update in question on Twitter, noting that PSG, Barcelona and Bayern Munich have “bare chances” of signing the Englishman.

The former Birmingham City youth prospect has been at the top of the Reds’ shortlist for some time, even more so with serious difficulties dealing with the Merseyside-based team in the middle of the park.

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With Borussia Dortmund currently valuing their star prodigy at €150m, assuming Bellingham doesn’t enjoy a successful World Cup campaign, one can only imagine we’ll be hoping to field sizable add-ons.

Assuming our rivals are prepared to pay a large chunk of the aforementioned fee up front (a distinct possibility in the interest of gaining an advantage), it could very well complicate our plans next year.

Considering that there is generational talent at stake, we can only hope that there will be some budget flexibility.

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