Manuel Locatelli cuts short his holiday to return to training

Manuel Locatelli was not part of the Italy team in his last two games for personal reasons.

The unrevealed reasons must have been serious for Roberto Mancini to allow him not to be a part of his team.

The midfielder could have stayed on holiday until next month when the Juventus players are expected to return to training.

However, a Football Italia report reveals that the midfielder is back at Juve’s training base and will start working before the rest of his teammates.

The Euro 2020 winner was in fine form just before the break and will want to continue his return to club football early next year.

Juve FC says

Locatelli has been one of the best players in our squad in recent weeks and is beginning to show why we signed him.

The Azzurri star is expected to do better than he is now, but his improved performances give hope that he is on his way to becoming a key man for us.

If he works hard enough and stays focused, he will become a permanent fixture in our team, even when Paul Pogba returns to fitness.

Hopefully our other players will return from the WC break and be ready to play as well.

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