Fiorentina abandoning second team idea shows how much Juventus spends on theirs

Juventus is the only Serie A club with a B team in the country’s minor leagues and it doesn’t get enough credit for that effort.

The Bianconeri Next Gen compete in Serie C, the third highest division in the Italian league pyramid.

The Bianconeri have continued to finance the team and use it as a breeding ground for their best homegrown players.

Several other Serie A clubs have considered the idea and abandoned it because it costs too much.

The last club to give up the idea is Fiorentina and the person in charge of the youth sector of Valentino Angeloni, explains via Calciomercato:

“Second team would be something exciting and it can pay off because the guys are playing in a professional championship while you keep keeping them under your control.

“The main problem is the current costs, you need 1.2 million per year just for registration, you need a standard stage and a series of compliances that bring the numbers up to at least 6-7 million per season.”

Juve FC says

Having a B team is a smart move by Juve and we can see how it helps a number of talented players at our U19 level to develop their skills faster.

Because they compete in a tough league, players are offered the chance to face strong opponents, preparing them for life in Serie A if promoted to the bianconeri first team.

But it cost a lot of money to maintain and we deserve credit for continuing to fund the team.

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