Bentancur discusses the bond between South American players at Juventus

Rodrigo Bentancur was at Juventus between 2017 and 2022 and was one of their important players.

The midfielder was one of many South Americans at the club at the time and they appear to develop a close bond.

Several of them were key players in the Bianconeri first team and spent a lot of time together.

They also had a WhatsApp group where they texted each other and shared friendly jokes, the current Tottenham midfielder revealed.

Speaking about their relationship recently, Bentancur said via Tuttosport:

“We have a WhatsApp group with the South Americans from La Vieja. They are Danilo, Alex Sandro and, of course, Paulo Dybala. No, we didn’t expel him from the group when he decided to go to Roma”.

Juve FC says

When players from the same region meet in any club, we expect them to come together and try to help each other.

That is exactly what Juve’s South Americans have done and we hope that other players from the same region at the club will have something similar.

The most important thing is that they support each other and help themselves to perform well on the field.

All eyes will be on the boys when they take on Lazio in Serie A this weekend, their last game of 2022.

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