Report – Juventus keen on signing Bologna midfielder Lewis Ferguson

Juventus are interested in Bologna midfielder Lewis Ferguson and they could look into a surprising move for him.

The Bianconeri are rebuilding their squad and may need to sign new men at the end of this campaign.

Several players dropped out of them in the summer and more could be headed out the door when this campaign ends as well.

The bianconeri already consider life with new men in mind and one of his targets is Ferguson, as he shines for Bologna.

The 23-year-old joined them this season after a good spell with aberdeen and is becoming a key member of your team.

Juve have been receiving glowing reports about him and the bianconeri could act on them and make him one of their best players sooner rather than later, according to Corriere Dello Sport.

Juve FC says

Ferguson is not very well known now, but we have some of the best scouts in Italy, so we hope that they will give us the correct report on his development.

The midfielder is still young and is beginning to better understand the Italian top flight.

As he spends more time in the competition, we expect him to become more solid, but we may have to wait two seasons before adding him to our team.

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