Locatelli exempted from Italy’s latest squad for personal reasons

Juventus midfielder Manuel Locatelli has not been called up in Italy’s latest squad for upcoming international matches for personal reasons.

After missing out on the World Cup in Qatar, Italy is rebuilding its team as it tries to become a world power again.

Roberto Mancini remains in charge after winning Euro 2020 with the team and we expect him to build a team capable of winning another championship.

Several players have been eliminated from that disastrous WC qualifying campaign, but Locatelli is part of the new Italy team.

However, a Calciomercato report reveals that he spoke with the national team coach for a personal matter.

The coach understood this and agreed not to name him in the call for the last games.

Juve FC says

Locatelli has not been in top form since he signed for Juve, but he is still in the plans of the Italian national team coach.

The midfielder knows that in the future he will have many opportunities to play for his country and he has to deal with whatever personal matters he has now.

Hopefully it’s not a big deal and it will be fixed before the players return to training in preparation for club football next year.

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